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New multi-storey car park for Beck Hill, Bridlington

The Site

The site is located off Hilderthorpe Road and the new Beck Hill bridge. The site lies immediately to the north of Bridlington Harbour and is in a prime location for convenient pedestrian access into the town centre. At the moment there is an unofficial pedestrian route to the site through Sawmill Yard. This site will be formalised and improved to further improve links to the town centre.


The site is within the Bridlington Quay Conservation Area and is currently used for surface car parking. A recent appraisal considers that the site is currently having a detrimental impact on this Conservation Area.


Residents will know that the Gypsey Race river meanders through the site and the proposed car park has been sensitively designed to take account of this to minimise impacts on the river’s ecology.



As part of the East Riding Local Plan, East Riding of Yorkshire Council produced a development strategy called the ‘Bridlington Town Centre Area Action Plan’ (AAP). This put forward a framework to deliver continued regeneration and growth to Bridlington town centre.


These proposals support the delivery of the AAP’s objectives, including regenerating the town centre for year round uses, improving accessibility, and reducing the impact of traffic on the area.

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